Who Should be the next football coach for the UCF Knights?

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ucf knightroAfter this whirl wind week of Athletics Director Danny White leaving for the University of Tennessee and taking head football coach Josh Heupel with him, the UCF athletics department stands at a crossroads. They have to replace Danny White who not only chose two football coaches, Scott Frost and Josh Heupel, that elevated the program to the forefront of the group of 5 football programs, bit also who increase ticket revenue and donations to an all time high. This will be a challenge that shouldn’t be rushed, but with the fast approaching final signing day approaching and spring practice shortly afterward the need for a coach is paramount. Will this force President Cartwright to accelerate the process to hire a new A.D. or will the search committee hire a coach then find the right fit to helm the athletic department? I have faith in the administration that they will choose the right person for both positions regardless of the time table. One challenge that has come to light in this process will be sorting through the onslaught of inquiries about both positions. This is a huge compliment to how this program is viewed now compared to prior years. It is apparent that this is a highly sought after position for both athletic directors and coaches alike. As for the coaching position I believe this is a very important hire to continue to elevate this program to new heights. Whether they decide to hire a new hot and upcoming coordinator/head coach or a veteran steady hand, the one quality this program needs is consistency. For years UCF has had success on the football field, but it has come in waves. For this program to continue to grow and gain real national success UCF needs to consistently win with 9 or 10 wins every season which will be very difficult in the ever improving AAC. But what we all know as Knights fans is that we will keep charging on no matter who is hired. I hope everyone just enjoys this ride that we are on as Knight Nation. You can listen to our new podcast episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

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