This week in Sports: March 8th 1967

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The New Orleans Saints began selling season tickets for their inaugural season in 1967 on a single day, November 1, 1966. The team had just been awarded as an NFL expansion franchise in November 1966, and there was a lot of excitement and anticipation for the team’s first season.

On the first day of season ticket sales, a total of 20,000 tickets were sold, which was a remarkable achievement for a new team in a relatively small market. The tickets were sold at four different locations around the city, including the Superdome box office, the Loyola University Field House, the Tulane Stadium box office, and a downtown ticket office.

The enthusiasm of the fans was evident from the start, with long lines forming outside the ticket offices before they opened. Some fans even camped out overnight to be first in line. Despite the high demand, the ticket prices were relatively affordable, with season tickets ranging from $35 to $70, which made it accessible for many people in the area.

The success of the season ticket sales helped to establish the New Orleans Saints as a legitimate NFL franchise and provided the team with a strong foundation of support in the community. The Saints went on to have a difficult first season, finishing with a record of 3-11, but the team’s popularity and fan base continued to grow in subsequent years.