Super Bowl LV prop bets

Pick the right answer, get a point. If there is no clear answer or the question ends in a tie, no one gets points. Most points wins. Ties are broken by whomever is closest to predicting the game’s final point total.

  1. Will Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan sing the national anthem in less than 2 minutes? Yes or No
  2. What will be the result of the opening coin toss? Heads or Tails
  3. Will there be a score in the first 5 minutes 30 seconds of the game? Yes or No
  4. Will the score ever be tied after it’s 0-0? Yes or No
  5. Will the jersey number of the player to score first be over or under 17.5? Yes or No
  6. Which team will commit the first accepted penalty? Chiefs or Bucs
  7. How many total TDs will be scored? Over 6.5 or Under 6.5
  8. What will be the largest lead by either team? Over 14.5 or Under 14.5
  9. How many total points will be scored in the first half? Over 27.5 or Under 27.5
  10. Will the Weeknd be wearing sunglasses when he’s first shown during the halftime show? Yes or No
  11. How many TD passes with be thrown by Patrick Mahomes? Over 2.5 or Under 2.5
  12. How many receiving yards will Tyreek Hill have? Over 90.5 or Under 90.5
  13. How many receiving Yards will Gronk have?  Over 28.5 or Under 28.5
  14. How many Bucs players will have a rushing attempt? Over 3.5 or Under 3.5
  15. Will Tom Brady finish with at least on rushing yard? Yes or No
  16. How many interceptions will be thrown? Over 1.5 or Under 1.5
  17. Will there be a missed FG? Yes or No
  18. Which team will score last? Chiefs or Bucs
  19. Will the total points score be odd or even?  Odd or Even
  20. Who wins the game? Chiefs or Bucs
  21. Tiebreaker: How many total points will be scored in the game? _______