Mac McClung saves the dunk contest, XFL opening weekend with beer snake? Pac 12 rumors plus more

In episode 333 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Rob and Kristie start the episode with some NFL news. Could there be a new qb heading to the Jets? Then they jump into the NBA discussing all star weekend. they discuss the skills challenge the dynamic dunk contest with McClung and event the lack luster NBA all star game. They discuss ways the NBA could improve the weekend and even discuss the issue of load management during the season where fans miss out on seeing the leagues biggest stars. Then they move into a discussion about the XFL. They review the games and the lack of performance by the Orlando Guardians. Rob also shares his thoughts on the Guardians coaching and lack of qb play. Rob shares a twitter poll on what fans thought of the opening weekend. Finally, they discuss the lemon issue in Washington with Defenders fans. Then Rob updates Kristie on the Bally Sports debacle. They missed their interest payment and this sets in motion the process of bankruptcy filing. What does this mean for the MLB , NBA, and NHL teams that rely on Bally Sports to broadcast all of their games? Finally, they wrap up with some college football talk. Rob shares some comments from a 247 article discussing High school recruits thoughts on NIL. They also discuss some of the latest rumors and updates on the Pac 12 and possible college football conference realignment.

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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