Is the transfer portal in college football really good for athletes? Plus College Football playoff preview and week 17 NFL preview

In episode 218 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Rob and Kristie start the episode discuusing the top sports events from 2021. They count down the top 10 sporting events of 2021. Then they jump into college football and discuss the upciming matches between Cincinnati versus Alabama and Georgia versus Michigan. They break down each matchup and give their picks on who will win. Then they discuss the transfer portal in college football and Rob shares some of the shocking numbers. They debate what this means for the future of college football and why are the numbers so large. Next, they discuss Aaron Rodgers recent comments on his upcoming off season decison and where could he be playing next year. Rob gives his prediction on owhere Rodgers will land. Finally, they preview the NFL matchups around the sunshine state and give their picks on the Jags, Buics, and Dophins upcoming games.

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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