Can the Magic Make the Playoffs? Will Apple TV help or hurt the MLS? plus Bama basketball controversy and more

In episode 334 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Rob and Kristie start the episode discussing the XFL. They preview some of the games and dive deeper into the troubles the Orlando Guardians had in their week 1 opener. They debate if the Guardians can get decent qb play? Then they switch gears and discuss the serious trouble Alabama star basketball player Branden Miller is in. They debate if he should’ve been suspended and how this incident will effect his future in the NBA. Then they discuss the Orlando Magics chances of making the playin game or the playoffs. Rob selects which games they have to win to make a playoff appearance. Then Kristie shares her toxic tip of the week. Finally, they discuss the opening of MLS and the Orlando City Soccer Club. Rob asks Kristie how she thinks the MLS being exclusively on Apple tv will affect the growth and popularity of the league?

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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