Bucs, Jags, Knights, and Hurricanes have horrible games. NFL week 7 review and college football week 8 review

In episode 300 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Rob and Kristie started the episode discussing the NFL. They review the Bucs loss to the Carolina Panthers and examine what went wrong. They debate what could be fixed and preview the next few games facing the Bucs. Rob asks if they lose their next 3 games should they entertain tanking to to try and get a higher draft pick to get a quarterback as this likely is Brady’s last season with the Bucs. Then they switch their attention to the Jags and Giants matchup. They debate if the Jaguars can get back on track to have a successful season. Then they discuss the Dolphins win over the Steelers and Kristie discusses another big hit to Tua during that game.

Then Rob gives Kristie an update on the Orlando Magic. They look ahead at the Magic’s schedule and try to predict when they will have their first win. Rob also discusses Palo Banchero’s recent interview where he already seems down as the loses are starting to mount. They debate if Banchero and this young Magic nucleus can endure what seems to be a long losing season.

Next, Rob and Kristie switch to college football and dive into the details of the UCF Knight’s loss to the ECU Pirates. They debate if the Knights can get back to their winning ways against the Cincinnati Bearcats? They also discuss recent news that the Gators and Bulldawgs yearly rivalry may be moved from Jacksonville in the future. They also review some of the biggest games around the college football world and what it means heading towards the college football playoffs. Rob asks Kristie if 3 SEC teams could make the playoffs?

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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