On this day in Sports: March 3rd 1920 a NHL record was set

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The 1920 Montreal Canadiens scoring record is one of the most significant moments in NHL history. On March 3, 1920, the Canadiens beat the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3 in a game at the Montreal Arena, setting a record for the most goals scored by one team in a single NHL game. The Canadiens were led by forward Joe Malone, who scored seven goals in the game, a record that still stands today.

The game was part of the NHL’s second season, and it was a pivotal moment in the league’s early history. The Canadiens were the defending champions, having won the Stanley Cup the previous season, and they were a dominant team throughout the 1920 campaign. The Bulldogs, on the other hand, were struggling and finished the season with a record of just 4 wins and 20 losses.

The game started slowly, with the Canadiens leading just 2-1 after the first period. But in the second period, Malone and his teammates took over, scoring 10 goals to put the game out of reach. Malone scored four of his seven goals in the second period alone, and the Canadiens never looked back.

In addition to Malone’s seven goals, the Canadiens got goals from six other players, including Newsy Lalonde, who scored three goals. The Bulldogs were outmatched and outclassed, and they never had a chance in the game.

The Canadiens’ record-breaking performance in the 1920 game remains one of the most impressive feats in NHL history, and it helped establish the team as one of the league’s early powerhouses. It also cemented Malone’s legacy as one of the greatest players of his era, and his record of seven goals in a single game has stood the test of time, remaining unbroken for over a century.